von Richthofen and Hawker

A 16" x 20" full-color art print by author/historian/illustrator DON HOLLWAY

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On November 23, 1916, over Bapaume, France, young Leutnant Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen met the leading English ace, Maj. Lanoe Hawker VC. Hawker claimed seven aerial victories; von Richthofen, not yet using red as his personal color nor flying his famous red triplane, ten. In legendary single combat, the two pilots fought to the death. It was the end of one great ace’s career, and the beginning of another’s.

“Von Richthofen and Hawker” captures the most famous moment in this historic encounter: the two knights of the sky, flying high above the carnage of war, look across the space between them in mutual admiration, as equals. The scene is aptly described by von Richthofen’s own account of the battle, as taken from his autobiography, Der Rote Kampfflieger (The Red Battle Flier).

This full-color art print is presented on heavy matte paper, 20 inches wide by 16 inches high—a standard size suitable to a wide selection of inexpensive frames available at any good craft store or frame shop. (Obviously the watermark will not appear on your copy! The image will appear as at donhollway.com/redbaron ). Upon purchase the art will immediately be custom-printed and shipped in a durable tube, arriving within a week or so of the order date.

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